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40 Year Itch : New to the US Charts May 22, 1976

Wet Willie : Everything That Cha' Do ( Will Come Back To You)

A mixed bag of singles debuted in the Hot 100 this week in 1976.

USA Hot 100 Debuts May 22, 1976

77 Santana "Let It Shine" --a funky but forgettable number from the Santana comeback album Amigos peaked at US #77.

78 Queen "You're My Best Friend" -John Deacon's love song to his wife would peak at US #16.

79 David Bowie "TVC 15" - Bowie sped up the Station to Station single for his Live Aid performance below. As a single it peaked at US #64 and UK #33.

80 Lee Garrett "You're My Everything" - a UK#15 hit, "You're My Everything" for American Lee Garrett who is blind.

81 Wet Willie "Everything That 'Cha Do (Will Come Back To You)" - This is one of the songs Wet Willie's live audience's ate up. It peaked at US #66. 

82 Narvel Felts "Lonely Teardrops"-this countrypolitan artist covered everyone from the Bee Gees to Jackie Wilson in order to repeat the success of 1975's "Reconsider Me". This was a Top 5 country hit but only peaked at #62 on the US Hot 100.

83 ABBA "Mamma Mia" - #1 on the UK Charts, this ABBA single peaked at #32 on the Billboard pop charts despite the schlocky video below.

86 Carole King "High Out of Time" - Peaking at US #74 despite vocals from David Crosby and Graham Nash.

89 The Crown Heights Affair "Foxy Lady" - This US R and B Top 20 hit peaked at #49 in the pop charts.

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