Sunday, May 8, 2016

40 Year Itch : New to the UK Charts

Mud : Shake It Down

   With ABBA's "Fernando" reigning at the top of the charts for four straight weeks, I've decided to take a look at the newest songs to make the UK Top 40.

29. Wings : Silly Love Songs

   Paul McCartney's retort to his critics has one of the greatest bass lines in pop history. And Macca knew it, pushing his instrument up high in the mix so fans would want to dance. "Silly Love Songs" would peak at #2 in the UK but top the US charts for five non-consecutive weeks. 

33. The Wurzels : Combine Harvester

  The Wurzels, British slang for "yokels", had two big "Scrumpy and Western " hits in 1976. Both borrowed the melodies of old hits and changed up the lyrics. "Combine Harvester", a #1 UK hit for two weeks, reworks Melanie's "Brand New Key". Later that year they repeated the formula by releasing " I Was A Cider Drinker" ("Una Paloma Blanca") which reached number 3.

39. Mud : Shake It Down

  Channeling Ernie Isley on lead guitar, Mud scored a UK #12 disco hit with "Shake It Down", furthering sowing the seeds of punk rock.

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