Monday, April 3, 2017

What More To Say?

The Saints : This Perfect Day

On April 3, 1977 The Saints played a raucous set at Paddington Town Hall in Sydney, all captured on film by at least three cameras for Rage TV . The footage begins with "This Perfect Day", perhaps the greatest of the band's singles . The Saints would record the song in May of 1977.

Critic Jon Savage, who would call the song "the most ferocious single to ever grace the UK Top 40" said the tune "speeded up the Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black"'riff into pure extinction. "This Perfect Day" is almost too fast: The group nearly come off the rails before singer Chris Bailey brings everything to a grinding halt in an extraordinary cluster of negatives." 

Steve Taylor said "This Perfect Day" was "the band's masterpiece. A short statement of resistance – delivered over a chugging beat and inventively deployed guitar."The Guardian considered the song "quite the most startling, wound-up noise recorded under the punk banner to that point. Bailey spat out the opening lines, atop the band's adrenalised clatter." Mojo called it, "an ultimate expression of teenage nihilism."

That same night Rage caught Radio Birdman in action. What a night!

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