Sunday, September 24, 2017

What Ever Happened to Leon Trotsky

The Stranglers : No More Heroes

On September 23, 1977 The Stranglers released No More Heroes, the band's second and nastiest album. To help promote the record, The Stranglers appeared on Top Pops in Amsterdam to mime the title track.  After a couple of bad takes, the band switched instruments. Drummer Jet Black playing guitar. J J Burnell attacking the drums. Hugh Cornwell doing a wretched job on keyboards and Dave Greenfield pretending to sing. One of 1977's punkiest moments and absolutely entertaining.

Clearly The Stranglers were out to offend again, with songs like "I Feel Like a Wog" and "Bring on the Nubiles" (Lemme lemme fuck ya fuck ya /Lemme lemme fuck ya fuck ya /Lemme lemme lick your lucky smiles).

Jon Savage savaged the album, writing "The Stranglers offer nothing life force, nothing vital. Not so it's frightening, just dull and irritating"

NME's Tony Parsons adds "Just like gonorrhea, The Stranglers' music is way to catchy for anyone to be certain they will not fall under its lethal spell."

But it was Mick Jagger who had the most read review:

"Don't you think The Stranglers are the worst thing you've ever fuckin' heard?  I do . They're hideous, rubbishy. bloody stupid. Fuckin' nauseatin' they are!"


  1. He caught an ice pick, made his ears burn

  2. I love me some Stranglers. In his dirty old man overcoat Jet Black looks like Bill Sikes -- JTFL