Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Fave Song of 2011: Blouse "Into Black"


 I know 2011 is a little out of regular music blogging timeframe but I was recently shocked * shocked I tell you* by how many times I've played "Into Black" on my iphone.
    The second most played song ( Elvis Presley's "I Believe in the Man In The Sky") has been played 5 times.
  What is it about "Into Black"? Is it the Julee Cruise meets early Cure vibe?
    I can imagine this song coming out in the mid-80's on a small white 45 rpm single that slipped behind record shelves at college radio stations...only to be discovered this year. But the truth is Blouse is a modern-day Portland band ( yes, another Portland band).

 I don't know much else about Blouse. They have a debut album coming out this month. But I do have to agree with some Swedish bloggers I came across:

  Idag släppte Portland-trion Blouse sitt självbetitlade debutalbum på skivbolaget som är ett måste om du gillar drömpop.

No I don't what it means, but I think Drompop pretty much says it all.

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