Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation: Deaf School to Death Cab For Cutie

1. Liverpool art rockers Deaf School record "Get Set Ready Go" for their debut album 2nd Honeymoon, released in 1976. The band's guitar player and songwriter is Clive Langer.

2. When Deaf School breaks up producer Clive Langer gets Elvis Costello's help with the lyrics to a song he's written called "Shipbuilding". Robert Wyatt has a Top 40 hit with the song recorded as a bonus track for his 1982 compilation album Nothing Can Stop Us.

3. Wyatt is a former member of Soft Machine. So is Kevin Ayers who recorded a solo album in 1970 called Shooting at the Moon with a seventeen year old bass player named Mike Oldfield who is featured prominently on the first track "May I".

4. In 1973 Oldfield records Tubular Bells [purchase], the first album for Virgin Records.In the middle of the album "Master of Ceremonies" Viv Stanshall reads a list of instruments being played.

5. Stanshall did something similar on "The Intro and The Outro" for his original group, The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. It appears on the Bonzo's 1967 debut album Gorilla [purchase]. The roll call includes Adolph Hitler on Vibes, John Wayne on xylophone and Roy Rogers on Trigger. This televised version, instead, includes future members of Monty Python.

6.  Performing on the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour TV special, The Bonzos played "Death Cab for Cutie" which became the name of a popular Seattle band whose "You Are A Tourist" is the debut single off the 2011 album Codes and Keys [purchase].

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