Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elvis Costello's All Time Top 12 Fave Songs

As Told to Smash Hits Magazine October 29-November 11,1981
 via Like Punk Never Happened
(If you haven't checked out Brian's site yet, do so now. He's posting a new issue of Smash Hits on its 30th anniversary.)

This list was made at the same time Elvis released his country covers album Almost Blue.

1. The 101-ers: Let'sGetABitOfRockin ( see video below)
2. The Expressos: Tango In Mono (also below)
3. Little Richard: Commandments of Love
4. George Jones: Say It's Not You
5. The Subterraneans: My Flamingo
6. Mel and Tim: Backfield In Motion
7. Billie Holiday: Don't Explain
8. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Dance Stance
9. James Brown: Talking Loud And Saying Nothing
10. Dusty Springfield: Just One Smile
11. Was ( Not Was): Wheel Me Out
12. Chet Baker: The Thrill Is Gone

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