Thursday, February 11, 2016

40 Year Itch: I Can Live Without the Rain

Status Quo : Rain

   In February of 1976 Status Quo's "Rain" climbed the UK charts, peaking at #7 with this catchy bit of bite-sized boogie from their Blue For You album.


  1. Must say I do like Quo (well, up to about this period anyway) and what I have to say here isn't particularly insightful or earth shatteringly critical. You do wonder though whether the fellas who started out with Pictures of Matchstick Men (great song incidentally) and in their Carnaby St garb who then fetch up with their quintessentially denim jean boogie can be truly genuine or have they just found a commercial outlet which they're milking for all it's worth? Does it matter anyway? Of course not but I was just musing as I watched the vid. My favourite album of theirs is Dog Of Two Head. Umleitung, Mean Girl and Gerdundula are surely unsurpassed. Down The Dustpipe too tho' not on that album. Right, that's me done. Told you it was unenlightening! Thanks for posting though.

  2. I always appreciate your comments Spence. I'm going to guess Status Quo wasn't purposefully dumbing down their music to cash in but, here in the US, it really didn't matter what they did. "No sale" with us Yanks.