Saturday, February 6, 2016

40 Year Itch : Like a Rolling Bolt of Thunder

The Four Seasons : December, 1963 ( Oh, What a Night)

  The Four Seasons had Frankie Valli, one of rock music's greatest falsetto voices, but it was drummer Gerry Polci who sang lead on their biggest 1976 hit. ( #1 in both the UK and US) . It always seemed strange that within weeks of the Kennedy assassination, our hero is out having a one night stand with a "hypnotizing, mesmerizing" lady whose name he never catches. 

  Earlier versions had the lyrics taking place on December 5, 1933, the day Prohibition came to an end. 

UK TOP 10 FEBRUARY 8, 1976

1. Silk : Forever and Ever
2. ABBA : Mamma Mia
3. The Four Seasons : December, 1963 ( Oh, What a Night)
4. The Miracles : Love Machine
5. Donna Summer : Love to Love You Baby
6. R and J Stone : We Do It
7. Walker Brothers : No Regrets
8. Manuel and the Music of the Mountains : Concierto De Aranjuez
9. Barbara Dickson : Answer Me
10. David Ruffin : Walk Away From Love

Great video even if the sync is off

   As great as "December, 1963 ( Oh, What a Night)" is, and I do think this is a great song for every reason from its construct to its nostalgic value, this tune was destroyed by cover versions. I mean what the hell is going on by Claude Francois below? And where can I get a suit like that? 

And a rare miss for the Fatback Band:

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