Friday, April 1, 2011

#18 Grant McLennan "Haven't I Been a Fool" 1991

For April Fool's Day I've picked a song from Go-Betweener Grant McLennan's first solo album Watershed. Grant passed away in his sleep nearly five years ago, the result of a massive heart attack. He was only 48.

It will become clear over the months ahead that The Go-Betweens are one of my favorite bands. Literate but with great pop sensibilities, they recorded three must-own albums: Liberty Belle and The Black Diamond Express, Tallulah and 16 Lovers Lane before breaking up. That's when Grant went on a tear. If you like this, pick up Watershed and Horsebreaker Star. Grant also recorded with Steve Kilbey of The Church in a band called Jack Frost.

When he re-teamed with Robert Forster in the 2000's the results were mixed. Friends of Rachel Worth has great moments and so does Oceans Apart. Bright Yellow Bright Orange leaves almost no impression.

When the band was recording Rachel Worth in Portland I called the Jackpot! studios offering to shoot video of the sessions for free. Whoever answered said no thanks. He did not have an Australian accent. The phone call lasted about...that long.

I was lucky enough to see the second incarnation of The Go-Betweens in Seattle on their final tour. On stage Grant seemed like a nice, modest friendly guy just happy to be there. Hardly a rock star even when he took the solo spotlight for "Cattle and Cane".

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  1. The two Jack Frost album are both must-haves, as is McLennan's other side project,which I had never heard of until just after his death, Far Out Corporation. He is sorely missed. (Oh, and great track today.)