Friday, August 25, 2017

She Probably Lives In Tahiti

Wreckless Eric : The Whole Wide World

On August 25, 1977 Stiff Records released Wreckless Eric's debut single "The Whole Wide World", a song that had already been featured on A Bunch of Stiff Records

On October 13, 1976, two days after he dropped off a cassette of demos, 22 year old "Wreckless" Eric Goulden got called back to Stiff Records to sign a contract reportedly in the two figure range. Among the songs recorded at home is "The Whole Wide World", written with just two chords in 1974, and eventually recorded with Nick Lowe on guitar and bass and Rumour drummer Steve Goulding on the skins. Released as a single in 1977, "The Whole Wide World" would rank number 8 in the Sounds critics' singles of the year and  receive an 'honourable mention' in the NME critics' chart.  

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