Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Slip Me a Kiss

The Animals : Just A Little Bit

In August of 1977 The Animals released a surprisingly good reunion album which I remember seeing rated four stars in one of the original Rolling Stone Record Guides. They hadn't played together since Alan Price left in 1966. Critics liked it. Dave Marsh called it "a surprisingly successful [...] one-shot, with the original group, again dominated by Price and Burdon, turning in fine, hard-nosed blues performances." and Robert Christgau gave the album a B- writing:

Not bad for a reunion LP--a lot more authentic sounding than the Byrds'. But then, the Animals weren't as good as the Byrds. And the only time Eric Burdon really recaptures that old white magic is on "Many Rivers to Cross," such a cliche by now that only a singer as crude as Eric, with his desperate key changes and random enthusiasm, can bring it to life. Me, I'll take "Sky Pilot."  

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