Sunday, August 27, 2017

She's Mighty-Mighty

The Commodores : Brick House

For all the easy listening contributions Lionel Richie made to The Commodores, that band's signature tune "Brick House" emerged from a jam started by bass player Ronald LaPread and sung by drummer Walter "Clyde" Orange.  On the week ending August 27, 1977 "Brick House" entered the U.S. Billboard charts at #72. The song would peak at #5 in November.

So what kind of a lady is a Brick House? Trumpet player William King , whose wife wrote the lyrics after he brought tapes of the jam home, says "Oh, it's about any girl. A girl that's strong. The whole idea was a brick house is any guy's imagination of his girl. Some guys like them tall, some guys like them short. Some guys like a little meat on the body, others like them slim. Some like them top-heavy, some like legs. It's all about what he perceives to be the girl of his dreams. That's what a brick house is."

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