Tuesday, March 11, 2014

40 Year Itch: A-Ho-Ho Ho-A-Ho

When (Stardust) came on telly, (future Oasis founders Liam and Noel Gallagher) would mime along and pretend to be Alvin and I'd always catch them singing into hairbrushes and playing air guitar
-Thomas Gallagher, their dad

     40 years ago, glam bandwagon jumper Alvin Stardust celebrated his one and only UK#1 single, "Jealous Mind". Born Bernard Jewry, Stardust appropriated just about everything he could from Elvis's 1968 TV special. And the fans bought it...at least for a year or so.

"You, You, You" was another 1974 Top 10 hit.

In 1981, signed to Stiff Records,  Stardust returned to the UK Top 10 with his rockabilly-influenced cover of the Nat King Cole hit "Pretend"

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  1. Alvin Stardust. The first record I ever bought was my Coo-ca-choo, which I still have. And I like Jealous Mind too. Re. previous post, I'd forgotten that terrible Donny-and-Marie song. Unfortunately I can still vividly recally Telly Savalas. Quality posts. Thanks