Wednesday, April 8, 2015

40 Year Itch: Though Your Friends Are Ninety-Nine

Dwight Twilley Band : I'm On Fire

       "You got Sun Studios rockabilly in my Beatles." 

       "No, you got Beatles in my Sun Studios Rockabilly."

         In April of 1975, Tulsa Oklahoma's Dwight Twilley Band, made up of  Twilley, Phil Seymour and sideman Bill Pitcock, released the power-pop classic "I'm on Fire," a #16 hit. There should have been many more hits, but Twilley and pals had a string of bad luck.

       First MCA refused to release the catchy " Shark in the Dark" follow-up single Twilley had previewed on American Bandstand because it looked like the band was cashing in on the Jaws fury.    The single "You Were So warm" got lost in various lawsuits and distribution deal changes. Finally,  Shelter made the band re-record the entire debut album. Eventually the brilliant Sincerely was released until 1976. But by then most record buyers had forgotten "I'm on Fire".

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  1. The great Dwight Twilley Band. Yay. My favorite Twilley track comes from the next album. "Looking for the Magic" is a staple on any 70s mix tape I find in my basement. Oh-uh-uh-oh….