Friday, April 17, 2015

40 Year Itch : Wishing

Carlton Fisk waves a ball fair in 1975 World Series

Richard and Linda Thompson : Wishing ( BBC session)


    It may be unfair that Hokey Pokey isn't considered as strong as the other early Richard and Linda Thompson albums or that the track I've fallen for is a previously unreleased Buddy Holly cover from a John Peel Session.

   I make no apologies. 

  The Thompsons recorded Hokey Pokey during their conversion to Islam. It's a bit schizoid, leaping from the silliness of "Smiffy's Glass Eye" to the sheer torment of "Never Again", about the death of Richard's girlfriend in a 1969 car accident that also killed Fairport Convention drummer Martin Lamble. The album also contains one of the couple's best recordings: "A Heart Needs a Home".

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  1. Hadn't heard the Buddy Holly cover before. Thanks for that.