Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Whisper of the Tree

John Paul Young : Love Is In The Air

On July 15, 1978 Australia John Paul Young's single "Love Is Is The Air" debuted on the Hot 100 chart at #78. The worldwide hit would peak at #7 in the US.

Written by former Easybeats George Young and Harry Vanda, it's a disco tune with a Latin beat and one of the most delicious slow builds to a chorus of any song in the decade.

"I suppose it pushes the right buttons," Young told Toby Creswell, author of 1001 Songs. "The casual delivery of it, the title itself -"Love is in the Air"-it has a devil-may-care attitude about it. There's so many little bits you could dissect all day and say well gee that's good, the run-up is fantastic; that really sets it up for the chorus. But you try sitting down and writing another one and that gives you an idea as to how bloody hard it must be. You can't order them up."

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  1. Considered as a replacement for Bon Scott.
    Although 2 people called Young in 1 band was probably enough.
    And would be have provided the innuendo laden lyrics a la Brian Johnson