Friday, July 6, 2018

That's Why I'm so Skinny

Annette Peacock : My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook 

"Annette Peacock is a stone cold original – an innovator, an outlier, authentically sui generis," 
- John Doran of The Quietus.

In 1978,  Annette Peacock returned from a six year hiatus with an esoteric album that combines prog rock, poetry, jazz and attitude. Not at all what Joni, Patti or Rickie Lee were doing. It's own thing.

Yes, there is a remarkable stable of backing musicians who are male (Mick Ronson, Chris Spedding, and Bill Bruford among them), but this is Peacock's triumph. She can wail and-- behind those eyes--you sense a piercing intelligence. Woe be to any man who pisses her off!

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