Monday, February 17, 2020

Top 10 Yacht Rock Songs of 1980

Christopher Cross : Ride Like The Wind

On February 17, 1980 Christopher Cross entered the Billboard Hot 100 with his first single, "Ride Like The Wind" at #61. It would peak at US#2. Written during an acid trip, the single has become a classic example of "yacht rock". It has a sunny West Coast vibe, some funky percussion but not enough to alienate conservative white people and, most importantly, a special guest appearance by Michael McDonald.

In fact McDonald would sing on three of 1980's finest yacht rock's tunes, including the Doobie Brothers' own "Real Love" and Steely Dan's "Time Out of Mind". The comedy show SCTV caught on to the McDonald phenomenon with this memorable skit below. 


1. Steely Dan : Hey Nineteen

2. Ambrosia : Biggest Part of Me

3. Robbie Dupree : Steal Away

4. Kool and the Gang : Too Hot

5. Christopher Cross : Ride Like the Wind

6. Climax Blues Band : I Love You

7. Doobie Brothers : Real Love

8. Boz Scaggs : Jojo

9. Steely Dan : Time Out Of Mind

10 Rupert Holmes : Him

Honorable Mention : 
Christopher Cross : Sailing 


  1. the SCTV parody of Michael McDonald was very funny. I'm impressed that you remembered that. It approximates their advertisement for "Gordon Lightfoot sings every song that has ever been written" collection.

  2. Check out the Turning Japanese post for more SCTV