Sunday, February 16, 2020

Johnny Ramone's All Time Top 10

The Ramones : Rock and Roll Radio

In February of 1980 Johnny Ramone provided Smash Hits with a hastily written All Time Top 10 list of albums to accompany David Hepworth's feature article on the band entitled "WANCHEWFREEFOR!!". 

The Ramones were touring England to promote the Phil Spector produced  End of the Century and their movie "Rock And Roll High School". Rather than concentrate on an album many Ramones fans hated, Hepworth asked questions about the band's history.

The most memorable quote is from Johnny:

"I think it takes more intelligence and, y'know, originality to sing about things that haven't been sung about, y'know? Like when we started singing about glue, pinheads, cretins and all these things, nobody was singing about these things, y'know, and it took a lot more imagination to sing about these things.

Eating Chicken Vinaloo?

"And then people call you dummy because you wanna sing about something funny. It's a lot dumber singing about the things that everybody else sing about like sex or something, y'know."

By the way, if you ever get to hear the demo versions of songs like "I'm Affected" on the expanded version, you'll hear that The Ramones hadn't lost a step. They were just recorded that way by Spector.

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