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Creem Readers say Springsteen's The River is the Best of 1980

Bruce Springsteen : Point Blank


Bruce Springsteen's The River beat out AC/DC's Back in Black to be named the top album of 1980. The list is a good reflection fo what white American music buyers were hearing on FM radio. Ask a young white dude in Nebraska his favorite R&B album and he probably would name something by The Rolling Stones. That's just the way it was in an era of segregated radio. Another point of interest is The Doors Greatest Hits album winning top reissue. There was a full blown Doors resurgence going on. So much so that one of my high school friends had his senior portrait taken next to a Jim Morrison poster. I haven't asked him if he regrets it because almost all of us regret our senior portraits in one way or another.

Top Albums 

1. Bruce Springteen- The River 
2. AC/DC- Back In Black 
3. Rolling Stones- Emotional Rescue 
4. Clash- London Calling 
5. Pretenders 
6. Van Halen- Women & Children First 
7. Queen- The Game 
8. Pete Townshend- Empty Glass 
9. B-52's- Wild Planet 
10. Pat Benatar- Crimes Of Passion 
11. Cheap Trick- All Shook Up 
12. Cars- Panorama 
13. Devo- Freedom Of Choice 
14. David Bowie- Scary Monsters 
15. Elvis Costello- Get Happy!! 
16. Police- Zenyatta Mondatta 
17. Black Sabbath- Heaven & Hell 
18. Kinks- One For The Road 
19. Bob Seger- Against The Wind 
20. Talking Heads- Remain In Light 
21. Rush- Permanent Waves 
22. Judas Priest- British Steel 
23. Ramones- End Of The Century 
24. Heart- Bebe Le Strange 
25. Public Image Ltd.- Second Edition 

 Top Singles 

1. Devo- Whip It 
2. Queen- Another One Bites The Dust 
3. AC/DC- You Shook Me All Night Long 
4. Bruce Springsteen- Hungry Heart 
5. Rolling Stones- She's So Cold 
6. Clash- Train In Vain 
7. Vapors- Turning Japanese 
8. Rolling Stones- Emotional Rescue 
9. David Bowie- Ashes To Ashes 
10. B-52's- Private Idaho 
11. Blondie- Call Me 
12. Pretenders- Brass In Pocket 
13. Clash- London Calling 
14. Pete Townshend- Rough Boys 
15. Van Halen- And The Cradle Will Rock 

 Best R&B Single 

1. Rolling Stones- Emotional Rescue 
2. Rolling Stones- She's So Cold 
3. Blues Brothers- Gimme Some Lovin' 
4. Diana Ross- Upside Down 
5. Donna Summer- The Wanderer 
6. Stevie Wonder- Master Blaster 

 Best R&B Album 

 1. Rolling Stones- Emotional Rescue 
2. Blues Brothers- Blues Brothers Soundtrack 
3. J. Geils- Love Stinks 
4. Talking Heads- Remain In Light 
5. More George Thorogood & The Destroyers 
6. Graham Parker- The Up Escalator 
7. Diana Ross- Diana 
8. Stevie Wonder- Hotter Than July 
9. Michael Jackson- Off The Wall 
10. George Benson- Give Me The Night 
11. Elvis Costello- Get Happy!! 

 Best Reissue 

 1. The Doors' Greatest Hits 
2. Elvis Costello- Taking Liberties 
3. Cheap Trick- Found All The Parts 
4. Kinks- One For The Road 
5. Beatles- Rarities 
6. Deep Purple- Deepest Purple 
7. Heart- Greatest Hits 
8. The Shaggs- Philosophy Of The World 
9. Clash- Blackmarket Clash 
10. Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 

 Best Jazz Album 

1. Jeff Beck- There And Beck 
2. George Benson- Give Me The Night 
3. Chicago- XIV 
4. Joni Mitchell- Shadows & Light 
5. Jean Luc Ponty- Civilized Evil 
6. Chuck Mangione- Fun & Games 
7. Crusaders- Live Sides 
8. Stanley Clarke- Rock, Pebbles & Sand 
9. Herb Alpert- Beyond 
10. Al DiMeola- Splendido Hotel 

 LP Cover Of The Year 

 1. London Calling (Clash) 
2. Emotional Rescue (Rolling Stones) 
3. Panorama (Cars) 
4. All Shook Up (Cheap Trick) 
5. Scary Monsters (David Bowie) 
6. Remain In Light (Talking Heads) 
7. Get Happy!! (Elvis Costello) 
8. Women & Children First (Van Halen) 
9. Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath) 
10. Empty Glass (Pete Townshend) 

 The following categories all had at least a top 10 listed, but I'm only typing in the top 3: 
 Top Group: 1) The Clash 2) Led Zeppelin 3) Rolling Stones 
Top Live Group: 1) Bruce Springsteen 2) The Who 3) Van Halen 
Best Male Singer: 1) Bruce Springsteen 2) Robert Plant 3) Robin Zander 
Best Female Singer: 1) Pat Benatar 2) Chrissie Hynde 3) Deborah Harry 
Best R&B Singer: 1) Mick Jagger 2) Graham Parker 3) Donna Summer 
Best R&B Group: 1) Rolling Stones 2) Blues Brothers 3) Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes 
Best Guitarist: 1) Edward Van Halen 2) Jimmy Page 3) Pete Townshend 
Best Keyboard: 1) John Paul Jones 2) Greg Hawkes 3) Kate Pierson 
Best Horn Player: 1) Clarence Clemons 2) Chuck Mangione 3) John Entwistle 
Best Bassist: 1) John Entwistle 2) John Paul Jones 3) Tom Petersson 
Best Drummer: 1) John Bonham 2) Bun E. Carlos 3) Charlie Watts 
Most Valuable Player: 1) Jimmy Page 2) Pete Townshend 3) Rick Nielsen 
Best Producer: 1) Nick Lowe 2) Roy Thomas Baker 3) Jimmy Page 
Worst Group: 1) Kiss 2) Van Halen 3) B-52's 
Best Songwriter: 1) Bruce Springsteen 2) Pete Townshend 3) Elvis Costello 
Best New Group: 1) Pretenders 2) Def Leppard 3) Gang Of Four 
Best Instrumentalist: 1) Ian anderson 2) Eno 3) Magic Dick 
Biggest Disappointment: 1) Lennon's death 2) Bonham's death 3) The Election 
Drug Of The Year: 1) Marijuana 2) Alcohol 3) Cocaine 
Hero(ine) Of The Year: 1) Bruce Springsteen 2) Chrissie Hynde 3) Pete Townshend 
Rip Off Of The Year: 1) LP prices 2) Concert prices 3) CREEM 
Comeback Of The Year: 1) John Lennon 2) Bruce Springsteen 3) AC/DC 
Most Pathetic Of The Year: 1) David Lee Roth 2)Kiss 3) Clash 
Rock Critic Of The Year: 1) Rick Johnson 2) Rober Christgau 3) Richard Riegel 
Rock Photographer Of The Year: 1) Lynn Goldsmith 2) Bob Matheau 3) Neal Preston 
Fad Of The Year: 1) Punk/New Wave music 2) The Urban Cowboy look 3) Ska 
Fashion Plate Of The Year: 1) Rick Nielsen 2) Deborah Harry 3) Chrissie Hynde 
Sex Object Of The Year: 1) Pat Benatar 2) Deborah Harry 3) David Lee Roth 
Best Rock & Roll Movie: 1) Times Square 2) Roadie 3) Rude Boy 
Best Tour Of The Year: 1) Bruce Springsteen 2) Van Halen 3) AC/DC 
Couple Of The Year: 1) John Lennon & Yoko Ono 2) Chris Stein & Deborah Harry 3) Stiv Bators & Bebe Buell 
Punk Of The Year: 1) Iggy Pop 2) Chrissie Hynde 3) Joe Strummer 




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