Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#16 The Saints "Memories Are Made of This" 1978

Aren't you a mess? You shouldn't act like this
You stand right there and laugh in my face
You ask me why I haven't left

To the old timers looking for Dean Martin's "Memories Are Made of This", you've come to the wrong page. So slag off.
This is one of the many great songs on Eternally Yours , a cut-out cassette I bought at a Woolworth's in Reno for $2.99 in 1980.
Best three dollars I ever spent. It's an amazing album from one of Australia's greatest bands. Full of blustery horns, minor chords and major attitude.
Bob Geldorf said "Rock music in the seventies was changed by three bands—the Sex Pistols, the Ramones and The Saints".

So if you were expecting to hear Dean sing:

Take one fresh and tender kiss
Add one stolen night of bliss
One girl, one boy
Some grief, some joy
Memories are made of this

Sorry. You've got Chris Bailey snarling lyrics that wouldn't pass the PC test these days:

You're living your life in a chain gang - you're so well guarded
You're living your life in a chain gang - you're so retarded

The Saints Memories Are Made of This

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