Saturday, March 26, 2011

SOURCE CODE stars pick fave songs from childhood

The sci fi thriller SOURCE CODE, now available on DVD, has a new take on time travel. So 1001Songs asked the stars of the movie and director Duncan Jones ( AKA Zowie Bowie) to name songs that take them back in time... to happy childhood memories.
First off:

( aka Zowie Bowie)

Both Duncan Jones and his father, David Bowie, first hit the mainstream with artistic takes on lonely spacemen as their topics. Dad had "Space Oddity". Duncan had Moon. A "mesmerizing mindbender" that Vera Farmiga claims to have seen 8 times.

The song that takes him back isn't one of his dad's though. It was a UK hit from the 80's.

" There's a piece of music which I used in "Moon" and then used again in "Source Code". It's a song by a guy called Chesney Hawkes from the UK and I used it as an alarm clock ring in Moon and I used it as a cell phone ring in Source Code and that's kind of my Alfred Hitchcock shadow in the background so I'm hoping to use that in every film I can but that certainly puts me back in time"


Oscar nominee (for Up In The Air) Vera Farmiga grew up in a strict Ukranian home in New Jersey. She didn't learn to speak English until she was six.

Her childhood song?

"Oh God you wouldn't know it if I mentioned it.
It would be these kooky Ukranian folkloric songs of my childhood that my grandma used to sing.
There are recordings of it.
In fact I put in the film that I directed. (HIGHER GROUND out later this year)


My interview with the star of Source Code was cut off so sharply I didn't have time to ask. But he did tell KCRW's Liza Richardson recently that his pick would be "The Fox" by Burl Ives.

"My father used to sing this to me -- and I love Burl Ives just as a character, just as a musician -- and when I was a little kid we were robbed outside of our house. We were driving home, we pulled up and we were robbed and ever since I was always really nervous about falling asleep, you know, naturally, and so my dad would sing this to me before I'd go to bed."


Jake's romantic interest in Source Code is Iowa native Michelle Monaghan. And like most people from Iowa, she's incredibly kind. You may have seen her in Mission Impossible III or Gone Baby Gone

Michelle's childhood tune? A #1 country song from 1987.

"Oh my gosh any kind of country music. "Fishin' in the Dark" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Yeah that song takes me back. That's a good song. Something that I played and my parents played a lot."

Surprised Duncan Jones didn't name one of his dad's tunes? He's learned not to favor one over the other. He told 1001Songs "if I picked one favorite song, Dad would be furious".

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