Saturday, May 24, 2014

40 year Itch: Beatlesque Popsters

Last year Shindig! made a fab gear list of Beatlesque recordings. Having already featured Stackridge, here are two more from 1974.

They've been called the Malaysian Badfinger. Singapore's Truck released Surprise Surprise in 1974, a re-working of the psychedelic 60's tracks brothers Bal and Jay Shotam, Peter Diaz and Jeremyh Star recorded as The October Cherries. For fans of bands that don't mind wearing the Beatles influences on their sleeves and pant legs.

Produced by Bernie Taupin, Totally Out of Control is a power pop treasure from The Hudson Brothers. They'd find some fame with their own network TV show in the Summer of 74 but here's proof they really were talented tunesmiths. Wanna hear more? Good luck because Totally Out of Control is Totally Out of Print.

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