Friday, May 23, 2014

40 Year Itch: The Formation of Dark Horse

On May 23, 1974 George Harrison announced the formation of his own record label, Dark Horse Records. For Harrison, who had helped nurture the recording careers of Apple artists Badfinger and Jackie Lomax, this was a way to continue helping artists he admired. The first release from Dark Horse was the Ravi Shankar single " I Am Missing You"

The logo featuring a seven headed flying horse was inspired by a trinket Harrison saw in India. His name is Uchchaisravas, the king of horses. Harrison considered himself a dark horse in comparison to fellow Beatles Lennon and McCartney. 

Some other Dark Horse releases


  1. I bought one album from the Dark Horse label - "2nd Resurrection" by the band Stairsteps, released in 1976. Some of the most incredible harmonies I've ever heard on that album. Really terrific stuff. Give this track a listen: