Wednesday, November 25, 2015

40 Year Itch : Lady Madonna Let It Be

Barclay James Harvest : Titles

A poor man's Moody Blues? Where Pink Floyd meets Bread? While the jury may be out on Barclay James Harvest, most rock fans are at least amused by "Titles" the first time they hear it. It's a song made up in large part of Beatles song titles so you get lines like “Across the universe one after 909/I’ve got a feeling for you blue and I feel fine”. The second time they hear this 1975 single, they may not be as amused. 

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  1. I know BJH became ridiculed in many circles as the 70s progressed but....I'll man the barricades and stand and defend their early stuff against the world. A mate gave me (why would he have done that?) their compilation album Early Morning Onwards album circa 1972, I loved it then and 40 odd years later still hold it dear. For me, there's a freshness and youthful ingenuousness about those tracks that remain today. Bluster and pomposity may have been around the corner but many others fell at that hurdle too. Do yourself a favour and check it out.