Friday, June 5, 2020

Joe Jackson Band and Bad Manners release new singles

Joe Jackson Band : The Harder They Come

In June of 1980 Joe Jackson began to shed the sounds that pegged him as an Elvis Costello impersonator. His cover of Jimmy Cliff's "The Harder They Come", released as a three song EP,  failed to chart in the UK despite a Smash Hits reviewer's claim that "sprinkled with emphatic drum breaks and searing hot harmonica played with crazy zeal, this single screams of success".

Bad Manners : Lip Up Fatty

A much bigger success was Bad Manners' UK#15 hit "Lip Up Fatty", a Sounds magazine single of the week. The subject of the song is Buster Bloodvessel's weight and how kids at school would taunt him. A year later he would tell an interviewer he had eaten 28 Big Macs in one sitting. Years after a career in which the band scored nine Top 40 singles, a 434 pound  Bloodvessel would undergo laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery and drop 250 pounds. 

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