Friday, December 30, 2011

#49 Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks: Canned Music, 1969

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Nearly ten years before Jonathan Richman decided his Modern Lovers had to turn down the volume, stuff a pillow or two in the bass drum, and add some pretty voiced girls to the mix, Dan Hicks did just that with his Hot Licks. He even gave the pretty voiced girls a name: The Lickettes.

    Hicks had been the drummer for The Charlatans, one of San Francisco's most influential psychedelic rock bands. Psychedelia may be the only genre of music you won't find on Original Recordings. You'll hear jazz, swing, and country and western. The lovely "Canned Music" is a sweet reminder that live music can be twice as good as hearing anything on the radio or jukebox.

Dan Hicks is still touring. He's as ageless as the music he plays.


  1. Had the luck to see Dan and his great band of musicians here in my hometown a few years back. An incredible night of live music - and fun!
    May I recommend the album "Striking It Rich" - a joy to listen to. It also features "Canned Music" and the beautiful "I Scare Myself".

  2. Both of which appear on this album. I had no idea until I was writing this that Thomas Dolby's "I Scare Myself" is a cover. I will check out Striking It Rich. Thanks for visiting!