Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1974's Sexiest Album Covers

America's largest record retailer, Sears,  refused to stock Buffy Saint-Marie's MCA debut Buffy because she exposes a breast on the album cover. Buffy said the photo " is a good-natured protest against gloom, as well  as support for any woman's right to take off her own shirt". In that spirit here are a few more of 1974's sexiest album covers.

So scandalous a cover that future American printings only showed the evergreen trees.

Is that hose supposed to represent something?

 Hard rockin' Slavs.

Mood music from popular -tho cheesy- Italian sax player

Chaka Khan is one of the decade's sexiest frontwomen

Robert Palmer's debut, backed by the Meters

The single, "Le Sud", sold a million copies. 

Jimmy Cliff may have been a breast man in the mid 70's

Cannonball Adderly's horoscope influenced horror

When they weren't  playing with George Harrison and Joni Mitchell, they were laying down a groove for future hip hop stars.

German prog

Hard rocking Brits

One of soul's sexiest singers of the decade

Italian singer's debut featured a memorable gatefold


  1. Bought a Freda Payne LP yesterday - but with a more demure cover!

  2. 'Sexiest album covers'... more like teenage boys' favorite covers. Or did you forget about half of the population?

    1. How about 1974's most sexist album covers? As you can tell, I'm a people pleaser.