Saturday, July 14, 2012

Captain Sensible's Top Ten Fave Songs

I thought I'd break out of the "40 Year Itch" cycle and do something really revolutionary. A 30 year itch post.

Damned founder and solo artist Captain Sensible made this list for the July 8, 1982 issue of Smash Hits at about the same time his cover of the South Pacific tune "Happy Talk" topped the UK charts with the help of backing vocals by Dolly Mixture.

The list comes courtesy of Brian at Like Punk Never Happened

 1.The Electric Prunes : Get Me To The World On Time -'Cos it's cosmic. It gets me there, gov'nor.
2. Small Faces: Tin Soldier - Great pop song. Saw them at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon once; the PA went off and I could still hear Steve Marriot's voice from the back.
 3. The Damned : Love Song - Best group since The Beatles

 4. Auntie Pus : Halfway to Venezuela - Auntie is a famous pilferer. He stole me an electric kettle once.
5. Dolly Mixture : Everything And More - Love 'em. So different from the other girl groups.

6. Wire : Outdoor Miner - Thought the production was brilliant. It was non-production; they left the veneer off. Total pop.
7. Jimi Hendrix Experience : Purple Haze - Whacky wonderful chap. He really made his guitar "talk ", as they say. No-one else will ever be as good.
8. The Anti-Nowhere League: So What - Disgusting bunch of animals. They sing something abysmal. The best band The Damned ever toured with.
9. The Supremes; Reflections : Don't like the group ('Cos they're Yanks), just the noises. Showed what you could do with a bit of imagination and no synthesizers.

 10. Pink Floyd: Arnold Layne - Syd Barrett shows you don't have to sing Americanisms. He's my hero. He did exactly what he wanted.

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  1. Dolly Mixture reminds me of Paisley Underground sound.