Thursday, July 12, 2012

40 Year Itch : No More Crying


 With their home becoming a hippie commune, the members of Os Novos Baianos live in a perpetual haze of marijuana smoke. Three times they had taken a shot at recording their second album --something electric, something mutant, something inspired by Jimi Hendrix. Three times it had fallen apart. 

 And then one night...

There is a knock at the door.

Band members assume it's the police.

But instead it's...

...the legendary Joao Gilberto, the father of the bossa nova.

Gilberto jams all night with the band and returns the next night for more jamming.
He becomes their mentor.

Gilberto convinces the band to take the bossa nova lessons he's given them and try recording that second album again.

Oh, and while they're in the studio, Gilberto says they should cut a version of "Brasil Pandeiro" by Assis Valente.

The album Acabou Chorare ("No More Crying"), released in 1972, will be called the greatest album of Brazilian music EVER by Rolling Stone Magazine. It is certainly one of that nation's most influential albums. Buy your copy today. Listen to the entire album here:

 By the way, this story is a gross simplification of an article I found on the Sounds And Colours website

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