Monday, February 25, 2013

40 Year Itch: Kobaia Vs. Planet Earth


Here's a novel concept: write songs in some made up alien language --say Kobaian--about earth battling an alien planet--say Kobaia. And spread the story over the course of ten albums. That's what the French prog rock band Magma did and , no, they did not experience a huge amount of chart success. Outside France.

 But on February 25, 1973, Magma did get national exposure when they appeared on a French television show. Their performance failed to answer the questions most audiences needed to know:  is this all a put on ..or, even more mind blowing, is Magma actually the most dedicated progressive rock band in the entire world!!!!

 Later in the year, Magma's operatic magnum opus Mekanik Destrictiw Kommandoh was released. The French edition of Rolling Stone calls it the 33rd best French rock album ever.

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