Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Truly Out On The Floor

The Jam : Non-Stop Dancing 

On February 25, 1977 Polydor Records signed The Jam, paying the trio a £6,000 advance. Led by 18 year old Paul Weller, the trio favored updating the mod sounds of the Small Faces and Stax and Motown groups rather than join the gobbing punks who were also part of the Class of '77.

 "It was very much a three-piece, with a real fiery energy coming from all of them," sound engineer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven tells The Guardian. "They had unique arrangements and a unique sound, and it was an engineer's dream, trying to capture their raw excitement on vinyl. Vinyl was lovely stuff because you could make it bleed, you could force it to its limits and make the sound really leap out." 

The debut single "In the City" was released in May, followed a month later by the hard charging album of the same name. The Jam had 18 consecutive Top 40 singles in the United Kingdom, from their debut in 1977 to their break-up in December 1982, including four number one hits .

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