Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

On February 19, 1977, on the same page they reviewed Leo Sayer's "When I Need You" and Rose Royce's "I Wanna Gert Next To You"  Billboard Magazine said this about the first Talking Heads single "Love Goes to a Building On Fire" : 
"Strange enough, but not too rough-edged, debut from one of the stalwarts of the New York punk rock scene. The horn trills and surreal lyrics add up to a mid-period Beatles feel."

The song, with its lines like "I've got two loves And they go tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet like little birds" , wasn't a hit but it did foreshadow the debut album that would introduce the world to David Byrne's naive and nervous stage persona. Rock critic Will Hermes named his 2011 history of the New York Music scene Love Goes to Buildings on Fire  and 40 years after the original single was released Japandroids put their cover on a B side .

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