Saturday, December 30, 2017

Just A Song Before We Go

A few more before we say goodbye to 1977:

Jacques Brel : Les F...

My french isn't strong enough to pick up the fact that this goovey song from Brel's final album is an offensive, anti-Flemish tirade. Guess I just like it for the atmosphere.

Brian Eno : R.A.F.

This B side to "Kings Lead Hat" anticipates the Eno/Byrne sound montage recordings of My Life in the Bush of Ghosts by using sound elements from a Baader Meinhof ransom message made by public telephone at the time of the Lufthansa Flight 181 hijacking. You can find this on Eno's Vocal box set.

William Onyeabor : Ride On Baby

This one popped up on shuffle while I was driving today and I couldn't figure out what album this was from until I snuck a peek at my phone at a stop sign. It comes from the first album by Nigerian one man band synth master William Onyeabor, one of David Byrne's favorite musicians.

Eddie Hazel : I Want You ( She's So Heavy)

1977's greatest Beatles cover comes from Parliament-Funkadelic lead guitarist Eddie Hazel's Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs album. Nine minutes of bliss.

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