Thursday, December 28, 2017

Last But Not Least

Pezband : Baby It's Cold Outside

Four tracks from 1977 that I must mention before the year is out.

The Big Man himself, Clarence Clemons, played sax on this Chicago power pop band's self-titled debut album. Patient listeners will hear Clemons at the end of this shoulda-been-a-smash that shouldn't be confused with the "rapey" Christmas classic.

Larry Wallis : Police Car

An in house producer for Stiff Records, who once spent time in The Pink Fairies and as an early member of Motorhead, Larry Wallis released "Police Car"/"On Parole" produced by Nick Lowe, and backed by two members of Eddie And The Hot Rods; bassist Paul Gray, and drummer Steve Nicol. Like everything Lowe touched in 1977, it's a solid slice of pop.

Hawkwind : Hassan I Sahba

Yes, I did a post about Hawkwind's surprisingly pleasing Quark, Strangeness and Charm already, but the single "Hassan I Sahba" deserves its own mention. The driving Eastern inspired number is an audience favorite during blissed out live shows. There are many people who say Quark is their favorite Hawkwind album.

Cluster and Eno : Selange

From the highly regarded pairing of German electronic group Cluster and Brian Eno, in full ambient mode, comes this decidedly upbeat instrumental. Eno was everywhere in 1977 and he'd be everywhere in 1978. Only Bruce Springsteen is likely to get more mentions next year if I can convince myself to continue...


  1. Yes, please continue your great work. Specially if you are going to cover Brian Eno and Bruce "The Boss" next year. Your blog is one of my favorites blogs about music. BTW, Happy New Year from Brazil!

  2. Another vote to please continue your blog. Its a daily read.
    aloha from Hawaii