Tuesday, May 5, 2020

"Rescue" breaks Echo and the Bunnymen into the UK Charts

Echo and the Bunnymen : Rescue

On May 5, Echo and the Bunnymen released their breakthrough single "Rescue", a UK#62 hit, and a great appetizer for the forthcoming debut album Crocodiles. Where does this song belong in my heart and memory? It's the tune I use to wake myself up every morning when I set an alarm. Will Sargent's siren-like guitar line isn't a bad way to get the day started.

Ian McCulloch apparently doesn't care for his vocals on the first four classic Bunnymen album, telling the Irish Times:

"Hearing them back I was like 'who the f*** is that?! I was young but I was trying to be old – [sings] 'Seeven seeeeeeas'. I just don't like it. Everything else on the records sounds great – except me!

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