Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lloyd Cole's 10 Albums That Shaped His World

   This week, one of all time favorite singer songwriters,  Lloyd Cole,  shared a list he made for a Brazilian blog on his Facebook page. "This does paint a pretty good picture of how you get to be me, I think... maybe...," said Cole. A smart lyricist and acute observer of life and love, Cole has always been at his best when he keeps the music simple and catchy. "Life's a Gas" is a cover of a T.Rex tune from Electric Warrior.

1. Electric Warrior - T.Rex -Made me want to be a pop star.

2.Diamond Dogs - David Bowie Made me realize, at an early age (just 13), how ambitious a project writing a pop song could be.

3.Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen Showed me how language, with the right delivery, could have an emotional, as well as intellectual impact.

4.No Pussyfooting - Fripp and Eno Introduced me to the beauty of the drone.

5.Low - David Bowie Changed everything. Pop music can be anything.

6.Another Music in a Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks Somehow made 16 year old kids in N. England feel that they, too, could make music if they thought hard enough and applied themselves.

7.Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan I was too young when this was released but I had an older girlfriend in London 1979, and nothing has been the same, since then. Language is a virus from outer space, and pianos, guitars don't have to be perfectly in tune so long as they have that Wild Mercury thing.

 8.Hot Buttered Soul - Isaac Hayes The genius doesn’t have to be the songwriter.

 9.Never Mind The Bollocks - Sex Pistols There can be a beauty in brutality.

10.Dirty Mind - Prince OMG, minimalism isn’t just for avant garde Germans.

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