Saturday, July 4, 2020

Dexy's Midnight Runners follow "Geno" with Dear R-R-R-R-Robin


Dexy's Midnight Runners : There, There, My Dear

On July 4, 1980 the joyous new Dexy's Midnight Runners follow up to their #2 hit "Geno" is called , "There,There, My Dear" and it too, is climbing up the UK charts where it would peak at #7. That's despite the fact that this epistolary single ("Dear R-r-r-r-r-r-Robin)  is made up of indecipherable lyrics even fellow Brummies would have trouble making out. I do have it on good authority, thanks to the lyrics printed on the back of the 45, that the song provided the upcoming Dexy's debut album with its title Searching For the Young Soul Rebels.

Smash Hits' critic David Hepworth writes:

Dexy's go out on a limb with their crucial follow up, Kevin Rowland delivering the vocal from the very lip of chaos while the horns dig in and hold the rhythm down. The song, in the form of an argumentative latter, pays no mind to any kind of form and just weaves all over the shop; the only real hook is the way he rrrrrolls his rrrrrs every now and again.

Recently Kevin Rowland , upon hearing the song for the first time in a while, tweeted during a Tim's Twitter Listening Party:

 "It's criminal how under acknowledged Kevin Archer is/ The media picked me out and I needed no encouragement. Without Kevin Archer's music, we wouldn't have made a 10th of the impact."

The B-side is a clever cover of Cliff Nobles and Company's 1968 US #2 hit "The Horse"

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