Friday, October 6, 2017

Cucumbers Ripe And Rude

Devo : Be Stiff

In October of 1977, Devo released their B Stiff EP, a collection singles released by the ban on Stiff Records. Four sides would be re-recorded for the Brian Eno produced  Q. Are We Not Men? A. We Are Devo. ( Also the cover which show golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez would be re-worked to disguise the model). In fact, it was during this recording that Devo recorded "Be Stiff", a song that would become a sort of an anthem for the label. 

Written as a satire about uptight people, the single could spend one week at #71 on the U.K. charts. It was also performed by a variety of artists on the Stiff Tour including Lene Lovich, Mickey Jupp, Wreckless Eric, Rachel Sweet, Jona Lewie and the Be Stiff Ensemble (led by Lene Lovich). At the end of each show, they would all play "Be Stiff" together. In 1982 Toni Basil  recorded her own version of the song.

We would soon be hearing a lot more from Devo whose live show had Eno and David Bowie fighting over who would eventually get to produce the debut album. Below , watch what is reportedly the first time Devo performed "Gut Feeling" on stage.

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