Monday, October 2, 2017

Gone Are The Dark Clouds

Ray Charles : I Can See Clearly Now

In October of 1977, Ray Charles released one of his finest albums, True To Life, his first since returning to Atlantic Records. Best of all is his version of the 1972  Johnny Nash hit "I Can See Clearly Now". 

The critics raved about the album, including Robert Christgau who wrote :

Charles hasn't sung with such consistent care in years. Not that he's given up his jocund audacity--two of the best cuts here are a miraculous recasting of "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" and a Bobby Charles song first recorded by, fancy that, Joe Cocker. But even on the throwaways he seems to remember the difference between goofing and goofing off. The first side is as listenable as any Charles I know, and I've learned to enjoy myself through the schmaltz of "Be My Love" and get to the easy stuff on side two. Now if only he'd let those Beatle ballads be.

Ray Charles was described as "the only true genius in the music business" by Frank Sinatra. Get a load of that genius from Charles, still making great music at the age of 47. To help promote the album, Charles would be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live in November of 1977.

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