Wednesday, June 29, 2016

40 Year Itch : Roderick, Andy and Ned

Roderick Falconer : Play It Again

Mining the same glam rock meets cabaret vein that made David Bowie and Mott the Hoople famous, Stanford University grad Roderick Falconer apparently became the center of a bidding war between David Geffen and Clive Davis. Geffen won. For whatever reason, after seven albums, the music career fizzled ( perhaps the Nazi imagery on the album cover didn't help) and Falconer became a poet, university professor and screenwriter who is probably best known for the Jodie Foster vehicle The Brave One.

Ned Doheny : Get It Up For Love

While he may be the embodiment of the phrase "play that funky music white boy," both his erudition and his reclusive independence has set him apart from his peer group - and the audience - who would need to claim him as their own were he to become a pop star. 
  -Jackson Browne

Songwriter and session musician Ned Doheny once played around LA in a duo with Jackson Browne. He was the first artist signed to David Geffen's label. Hard Candy, released in 1976, is his second album and features some studio help by the likes of Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Linda Ronstadt and Tower of Power. Although it's a classic example of blue eyed soul/ yacht rock, and contains the gem "Get It Up For Love", Hard Candy failed to sell and Doheny was dropped by the label. As arranger, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist he would continue to create music with the likes of Average White Band, Chaka Khan and David Cassidy. 

Andy Pratt : Resolution

There were such high expectations for Harvard grad Andy Pratt's 1976 album, Resolution, Rolling Stone led its July 1 records section not with a review of the new Steely Dan album but with a Stephen Holden review titled "Move Over Beethoven : Andy Pratt Makes Dreams Come True" and featuring the line "By reviving the dream of rock as art and then reinventing it, Pratt has forever changed the face of rock". 

That didn't happen of course and Pratt eventually became a Christian artists. You can buy Resolution and the single "Avenging Annie" on the same CD.

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