Thursday, June 30, 2016

40 Year Itch : Too Much Watchy Watchy Watchy

Jacob Miller : Tenement Yard

You may have always believed--as I did-- that Jacob Miller's "Tenement Yard" was a silly song about the gossips of Jamaican ghettos who were always spying on dreadlocks trying to get their smoke on. It does have a childish refrain, but on a deeper level the song reflects a time when Jamaica was near civil war and the government had placed restrictions on out-spoken Rastas, essentially confining them to the tenements and shantytowns. Yes, this is two and a half minutes of a pot smoker's paranoia but that doesn't mean someone wasn't after him.

BONUS TRACK : Jacob Miller's Otis Redding cover, also featured on the Tenement Yard album

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