Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Slice Of 40 Year Old Cheese: Paco Paco - "Taka Takata" (1972)

A new 1001Songs series that delivers thick slices of 40 year old cheese.

A handsome singer known in some corners as "The King of Rumba", Paco Paco had a Top 40 Dutch  hit with "Taka Takata" in the Summer of 1972. The song was also popular in the USSR and on a recent car trip with my kids.

What is "Taka Takata" about? According to the Yahoo translation service Babel Fish, it's a celebration of summertime on the beach:

how we like the summer In order to rise to us early To go to the beach single to bathe to us calm And if we do not go single we go with all the friendly We like to see many boats, to see much contented people And to see the sentadita viejecita in its door

Among the many covers ( including one from Paul "Love Is Blue" Mauriat) is this sped up version from French singing star Marian Conde. You won't find choreography like this on TV anymore, and that IS a shame.

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