Friday, February 3, 2012

Nick Rhodes ( Duran Duran) Picks Top 10 ( 1981)

Duran Duran keyboardist Nick Rhodes made this list for the April 2nd, 1981 issue of Smash Hits weeks before the release of the band's debut album. This list is courtesy of Like Punk Never Happened 

1. Talking Heads : Remain in Light - my favourite album; I especially like "The Overload" and all the rhythm tracks.
2. David Bowie "Win" ( from Young Americans)- With the Station to Station and Heroes albums coming close behind. I also like "My Death" from a bootleg as well.
3. Brian Eno: "R.A.F" ( B-side to "King's Lead Hat") -  How did I narrow down the Eno tracks to this one ? Probably because I like the sounds of it - and Snatch are on it too!
4. Yellow Magic Orchestra: "Nice Age" - A great pop song!
5. Roxy Music: "Sentimental Fool" (from Siren)- One of the hardest decisions of my life, but "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" is still my favourite title.
6. Giorgio Moroder: "The Chase" ( from Midnight Express soundtrack) - Love the drum sound and the sequencer.
7. Joel Grey: " Mein Herr" - From the soundtrack to "Cabaret". Makes a change from the rest of raucous rabble; reminds me of the bit in the film.
8. Marianne Faithful: "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan"  - The best track on a Great Forgotten Album of Our Time.( Broken English, released two years earlier)
9. Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Israel" - One of their many classic singles. Great guitar sound.
10. Sparks: "Tryouts for the Human Race" ( from No 1 in Heaven) : Always had a soft spot for Sparks and they just managed to edge out Peter Gabriel, Grace Jones, Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Kate Bush, The  Doors and Kraftwerk.

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