Monday, June 16, 2014

40 Year Itch: UK Top 10 This Week in 1974

Hey Kids! This Rubettes Pic is Big Enough to Use as Desktop Wallpaper
The most shocking thing about the UK Top 10 list this week is only 2 of the songs made any impact on the US charts, both hitting #1. The Rubettes hit is straight out of the "Roy Wood 50's style music meets 70's Glam Rock" playbook.

1. The Rubettes : Sugar Baby Love

  The surest sign the Glam Rock craze was a glittery double decker bus rushing headlong down a Dead End alley into a brick wall. Great pop....but don't listen for the lyrics or if you're prone to cavities.

2. Sparks : This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us

1974's strangest and most brilliant UK hit was actually recorded by a US band

3. Showaddywaddy : Hey Rock and Roll

After the show, pimply boys were allowed to rifle through the sweat stained suits for their proms.

4. Ray Stevens :The Streak

Still not funny

5. R. Dean Taylor: There's a Ghost in My House

A Re-issued 1966 single from Canuck rocker is such a big hit even The Fall record a version

6. Paper Lace : The Night Chicago Died

UK rockers Paper Lace did the right thing by sending a copy of the single to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley who made it known that he hated it. 

7. Cockney Rebel : Judy Teen

Confusing fans, the single was not on the brilliant album released that month, Psychomodo.

8. Mouth and MacNeal : I See A Star

Crushed by Abba's Waterloo", the Dutch entry still made the Top 10 in the UK.

9. David Cassidy : If I Didn't Care

His star quickly fading after a young girl was crushed at a UK concert, Cassidy recorded this classic cover 25 years before Bryan Ferry

10. Status Quo : Break The Rules

Formulaic Status Quo tune that would peak at #8.


  1. The Streak, spot on, never funny, even when I (and you, I think) were 11. Sugar Baby Love, though, is a great pop song. And I just do not remember that at all, even after playing it again. Mayor Daley is not the only who hated The Night Chicago Died.

  2. Correction - i do not recall Mouth and Macneal.

  3. Is it really 40 years ago since the radio played these songs constantly? I really forgot 'The Streak', thinking about what great music Cockney Rebel made. To my shame I have to admit that I liked Paperlace much at these days (btw. aren't they from England?). Anyway - good to be remembered these days.

  4. A friend was once asked by a work colleague what music he liked. The Ramones, he replied
    To which she responded - what those blokes in the white hats!