Thursday, October 9, 2014

40 Year Itch : Telling Stories to the Peacocks

"We aren't so much a stage act as a movie"
-Alex Harvey

    In October of 1974, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band followed up their landmark LP Next with The Impossible Dream. It's an uneven but entertaining set from these eccentric art rockers that had to be recorded a second time when the original producer Shel Tamby ( The Kinks, The Who) failed to help them produce a commercial album. Actually, Tamby seemed to be falling asleep behind the board. Not inspiring! With "Sgt Fury" and opening track "The Hot City Symphony Part 1 - Vambo", SAHB visits Blue Oyster Cult's favorite subject outside aliens: comic book heroes. Commercial success would not come with this album...even after the band toured Europe with Deep Purple. But there's not a Scotsman alive whose heart doesn't flutter in response to the bagpipes playing on album closer "Anthem".

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