Sunday, August 25, 2019

U.S. Top 10 Singles, August 25, 1979

The Knack : My Sharona


On August 25, 1979 The Knack topped the U.S. charts with "My Sharona". The New Wave smash would hold the #1 spot for six weeks before Robert John's "Sad Eyes" finally knocked it off the peak.

1 2 MY SHARONA –•– The Knack (Capitol) (1 week at #1) 
2 1 GOOD TIMES –•– Chic (Atlantic) 
3 3 THE MAIN EVENT / FIGHT –•– Barbra Streisand (Columbia) 

4 5 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE –•– Earth, Wind and Fire (ARC)
5 4 BAD GIRLS –•– Donna Summer (Casablanca)
6 14 DON’T BRING ME DOWN –•– Electric Light Orchestra (Jet) 
7 8 THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA –•– The Charlie Daniels Band (Epic)

8 13 LEAD ME ON –•– Maxine Nightingale (Windsong)
9 10 MAMA CAN’T BUY YOU LOVE –•– Elton John (MCA)
10 12 SAD EYES –•– Robert John (EMI-America)


  1. Thought you and readers would appreciate this recent story on the real Sharona and what she's up to today:

  2. My Sharona is of course a nailed down stone cold classic track, so I didn't really need to have that confirmed or franked by anybody else but... at that time Alexis Korner had a Sunday evening slot on 'Wonderful' Radio 1 (7 to 8pm before Annie Nightingale's show since you ask). I wasn't especially a RnB/Blues/Jazz fan then but I was just seduced by the sheer joy and love of music he had. He demonstrably had no truck with the pop charts and his playlist reflected that. He did though make an exception for this track and I suppose because of that I doubled/tripled/quadrupled up on loving it even more. Genuine musicianship in the charts. Shock Horror, who'd've thought it!