Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Real Dirk Diggler

Dennis Parker : Like An Eagle

If you think the plot of Boogie Nights was crazy, you haven't heard the story of Dennis Parker. He starred in straight porn films like the infamous Barbara Broadcast as Wade Nichols. Then in 1979, he recorded a disco album for Casablanca Records. It was called Like An Eagle and was produced by Village People creator Jacques Morali. Only an actor could pull of the music video below, shot guerrilla style in New York City. Love the reaction of the people behind him. 

After a role playing  Derek Mallory on daytime soap The Edge of Night, Parker would sadly become one of the early victims of the AIDS epidemic.


  1. Some may make fun but hey He dared to give his dreams a try which is more than most people will ever do. #100.

  2. Low hanging fruit. Addiction is Ruff stuff.. Just a few years late, this guy looks like a possible alternate Michael Night night. He could've been John Travolta