Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fits into a Pram

Gang of Four : Armalite Rifles

On October 12, 1978 Leeds rockers Gang of Four released its Damaged Goods EP, featuring the title track and "Love Like Anthrax", both of which would appear on the Entertainment album and the anti-violence "Armalite Rifle", about the American designed weapon used by the provisional IRA during 'The Troubles" and nicknamed "the widowmaker".

Armalite rifle use it everyday
 It'll do you damage it'll do you harm 
Blow your legs off blow your guts out 
I disapprove of it so does Dave (Allen, bass player for Gang of Four)

The band's appeal wasn't just in its political statements. It was the music. Dave Allen explained what Gang of Four was doing musically in an interview with Stereo Embers:

The four of us in a rehearsal room deconstructing rock music was a joy for me. If you dig deep, you’ll find influences everywhere, from Wilko Johnson in Andy’s guitar work, repetitive drum patterns that could have been crafted by Can– or, as Hugo has put it, as simply as Charlie Watts – and bass lines inspired by dub reggae and Bootsy Collins.

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